Lucid LP

by Gray/Bliss

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You could describe this release as a compilation record it includes the experimental sounds of my musical output 2012 to March 2013
This Full Length is a collection of songs portraying my experience of isolation and freedom of musical choice. An important cycle of my life came to an end I felt like the album has closure and a full meaning to the concept I tried to convey. So now I can move on and create new things about my new self. Both musically and personally. Influenced by sounds of Durutti Column, Penguin Cafe, John Frusciante (Brown Bunny), Jakob, Mogwai


released March 13, 2013

All music, lyrics and instruments were written and performed, recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Nick Sapounas

-Special Thanks to:

Audacity (DAW) for inspiring my venture in recording music
Friends like Tasos, and family like Soph.
Musicians that shared knowledge and everyday teachers in our lives.
Also thanks to the means of life and circumstance that brought me the opportunity to own these wonderful instruments that I used.



all rights reserved


Gray/Bliss Detroit, Michigan

is the recording and live performance project of musician Nick Sapounas who writes all music, with help of other Detroit musicians Dan Ericksen and Hank Johns

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Track Name: More Blues
Can we see what we have
To be able to be sad
If everything is at hand
How do rocks, become sand

Will I laugh or just sit
Leave my cigarette lit
Like a dirty rotting fame
Like a dirty rotting fame
While the world lies in flame

We may not die
But things will change
You are the target in my shooting range
Keep that in mind there will be pain
Will you loose or gain
Is your death in vein ?

Ask to learn
Learn to find
Get to give
I am alligned

Can we see what we have
To be able to be sad
If everything is at hand
How do rocks, become sand ?
Track Name: Be brave, its a long road. (part III)
Its along road they say, but where does it go ?
I've grown up in my head, but I know , I dont know.
Is it really about that ? Is it all just a question ?
That will never be answered but always be understood ?
At night I think to myself, create visions not true
Bout people and feeling, I really never knew.

Be brave for whats ahead
Is unknown but desired
With a fistful of lead
And a gun that wont fire.

Nothing is perfect, or will go as you planned
And what happens in the end is really who you are.
I cannot escape the person that's me
Cause he in the end is the person that's free.
Dont try to avoid but try to understand
theres always a calling, just give it a hand.

Be brave for whats out there
will grab you by the balls
Its your time to be there
And make the right calls.

Be brave for whats ahead
Is unknown but desired
With a fistful of lead
And a gun that wont fire.
Track Name: Everything changes in two years time.
It seems like the leaves are loosing their color
So vibrant once now they are dead
Now they are dead

It was fall when i started falling
For something im falling for still
It blossomed like spring and dryed with the summer
But never did loose its thrill
No never did loose its thrill

Now its time to do something
So please find some courage down there
Just try to find truth in your fucked up relations
And never give in to fear
No never give in to fear

Just now I can see how distance
Has crippled and carefully mangled my life
So how can it be that love and rejection
And wrong friend affection
Are a perfect fucking reflection
Of my cut in half life
Of my cut in half life

Looking back i dont think
I would change a lot of things
As to why where and how
I became the man i am now
I deserve the bad and welcome the good
I wish that my love wasnt so misunderstood